Full Bore Hand Cleaner - Formerly Mean Green
Full Bore Hand Scrub has been cleaning up after your hard work since 1979.
Full Bore Products are available nationwide.
Same Products, New Name
You have probably heard of Mean Green Power Hand Scrub and Super Tough Hand Scrub. Welcome to our new website. We've kept the same formulas for these time-trusted hand cleaners. Our new name is... Full Bore!

Why Full Bore

In the shop, you clean parts with strong solvents and degreasers, but why would you use that same strong stuff to clean your hands? 

Most industrial hand cleaners like Gojo and Fast Orange are made with solvents that don’t know when to quit. They cut through the grease, then penetrate your skin, stripping away the natural oils. It's not the grit that's tearing up your hands, it's the chemicals.

Rather than using cheap and harsh chemicals, Full Bore Hand Cleaners are made with detergents and soft abrasives that cut through grease leaving your hands clean.  Need to wash up all day, every day?  No Problem!  Our skin softeners will keep cracked skin away.

Full Bore Hand Cleaner For Mechanics One Gallon Size
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For Every Dirty Job
Full Bore Hand Cleaner Ultra Flow
Also available in flat top and squeeze bottles
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Ultra Flow
One pump for squeaky clean hands
Extreme Green Hand Cleaner - Formerly Mean Green
Shop all sizes from 16-oz to 55-Gal Drums
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Extreme Green
Break down the grease, not your skin
Full Bore Hand Cleaner Super Grit
Shop all sizes from 16-oz to 4-Gal containers
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Super Grit
Tough love comes in a tough scrub

Work Hard, Play Hard,
Play Clean!

We know a full bore lifestyle shouldn't be limited to hard work and dirty hands. So when you're done digging in and getting dirty, be smart and lather up with Full Bore. Our hand cleaners are designed to wash away all the grease without damaging your skin.

Go ahead and take on that greasy transmission job this weekend. Carve up that muddy hill on your dirt bike. Put in those extra hours at the shop. Because when you're done, your hands won't look like they're still on the job.

Clean Hands After Using Heavy Duty Soap

Now take a look at our easy Autoship Program

Now with Full Bore's Autoship, we make your life easier. Never run out of hand cleaner again!

  • Stay Informed Through Notifications (Via text, email, or Push Notifications)
  • See Past Orders
  • Schedule Future orders
  • Notify Multiple People
  • Manage Multiple Locations
  • Enter Purchase Orders

Every step is controlled by you. Start/Stop when you want. Change quantities, change delivery dates. We are taking "Subscription Services" to a new level! Create your account and enroll in Autoship!

But… If all this technology is not your thing, just give us a call at 800-227-6994 to order your hand cleaner the old-fashioned way.



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New Mean Green Hand Cleaner

Product Guarantee

We're Serious About Your Satisfaction. All of our products are backed by an unconditional guarantee:
If your hands aren't clean or your skin isn't softer, Full Bore will give you your money back. 

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